UPDATE: Quainty

Quainty is a Twitch chat application currently in an early-alpha stage. It is slowly being developed but has a bright future!

What it is (or will be)

The goal of this software was initially to give both streamers and viewers the ability to view the chat of more than one stream within the same window. Unlike most applications that embed two separate Twitch chats on the same page, Quainty gather the chat from both streams at the same time and layers them in order. It will also tell you which stream the message came from. Everything is in one box alone rather than the typical multi-boxed style.

After some time, Quainty evolved to become not only a chat merging app, but also something more. It features a bot that will enable consumers to keep track of stats on individual users. Some of these statistics are the ability to view one’s time spent in the stream, their points, how much they have chatted, and more. The bot can manage the stream and helps fight troublemakers. A lot of other features are also being considered for the bot.

In addition to the chat application and bot, Quainty has the ability to integrate with the CLR Browser in OBS (or any broadcasting software that has browser-capabilities). This allows for follower/subscriber/donation notifications, the displaying of merged chats, and other cool features. And, best of all, Quainty will remain lightweight with the ability to run on mobile devices as it would on a desktop computer.

Current features

  1. Chat
    • User authentication
    • Merged chats
  2. Bot
    • Coming soon!
  3. Notifications
    • Coming soon!

How can I contribute?

This project is completely open-sourced. The only part of this project that would not be visible to the public is the database connections and structure. Simply make a pull request and start working! The end-goal of this project is listed in What it is (or will be) so you know what to work towards.

You can view the git repository here.

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